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Features for upcoming 0.6 

We have done some hard choices and decided on what to prioritize for the next major release (0.6). Check the Dev Pipe page for more info.

Matti Jääaro & Rickard Lindroth

Memolicious Thai 0.5

Memolicious Thai 0.5 is a major overhaul of the whole app. Apart from doing some visual changes there are a lot of new features and setting.

  • Ability to choose new fonts for those who have mastered the standard one.
  • You can now choose your transcript type. Before only the one from thai-language.com was available but it is now joined by:
    * Royal Thai (RTGS)
    * IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)
    * Northern Europe, which is a phonetic representation that greatly simplifies for people from for example Sweden, Germany etc. where the language has support for sounds like ä,ö etc. that would otherwise converted into complex vowel groups in the phonetic representation.
  • You can disable vibration
  • There is a “zen mode” available under preferences called “Double Tap”. Enabling this will let a beginner practice without time limit so that they can look stuff up, and when you fail a question only the correct answer stay on screen and the user has to tap it a second time for reinforcement.
  • Lessons are now split in sets so you can first practive on say 10 consonants at a time and once you have mastered all 4 sets you can do the excercise where all of them are included. We found that starting out from scratch and doing an excercise with 44 consonants could take a VERY long time and be frustrating for beginners.
  • Local Highscore is back, you get a dialog after each lesson with last score and high score, per excercise. But there’s a lot of job to stille be done here, like for example changing to a more difficult font for the same excercise should generate a whole new score list, which is not the case today.

Memolicious Thai 0.3 is up

  • The app now includes both simple vowels and numbers
  • The ability to toggle background music and sound effects. Audio can now be toggled under the main options menu. Complex vowels will follow but there are some GUI aspects to this that we need to fix first. 
  • We are working on including some visual aid for newbies, help screens or overlays that can be brought up in-game containing a chart of all characters and their associated attributes.

Feedback on App market so far has been overwhelmingly positive, we have now passed 1000 active users and a mean score of 4.7! We are totally blown away from all the positive energy you’ve been sending our way :-)